Theme Parties

cowboy magician

For special events, we have a number of characters to choose from, which include the following:  The Statue Jester, Dr. Livingston, our own Wild West cowboy and a Pirate.

The Wild West cowboy and Pirate both do Close up Magic, the kind of thing that is seen regularly on TV.  It is the most hands on and possibly the most fascinating form of Magical entertainment.

These mini illusions happen right under their noses and even in their own hands!

Whichever character he is playing, it works wonderfully as an icebreaker as he mingles with the guests while they are enjoying a welcome drink, or during the course of the event to add a wonderful spark of fun, fascination and intrigue.

If done during the meal, he would not disturb those who are eating or engaged in deep conversations.

The Statue Jester has a different role to play – he starts off as a roving statue figure drawing laughs and amazement. This can be performed at the beginning of the evening as a welcoming ‘Statue’.


It is very comical, as initially the guests are not quite sure as to whether or not he is real. He shakes hands and other unexpected gags take place.

Once the quests are seated he can ‘come alive’ and stroll around between the tables entertaining the guests with ‘Close-up’ table magic. This is very fascinating as it happens right under their noses and even in their own hands.


Dr. Livingstone on the other hand, strolls around and instead of shooting animals, he fascinates the guests by shaping them!  There is a very special appeal to Balloon Modelling and very much so when done as Dr. Livingstone. He makes a myriad of different figures, ranging from animals to birds, fish and snakes – see the photos on the SOPHISTICATED BALLOON MODELLING page.

It's like a jungle and the ladies and children choose what they would like – they love them!

Create an event to remember with magical entertainment at its best… and leaving you to relax and enjoy the event as well – the way it should be!