Close up Magic

Close up Magic, as seen regularly on TV, is the most hands on and possibly the most fascinating form of Magical entertainment.  These mini illusions happen right under their noses and even in their own hands!

Trevor specializes in this artform and has the experience to know how and when to approach the table or group of people.

It works wonderfully as an icebreaker as he mingles with the guests while they are enjoying a welcome drink.

Equally so when done during the course of the event to add a wonderful spark of fun, fascination and intrigue.  If done during the meal, he would not disturb those who are eating or engaged in deep conversations.  His style of close-up magic and clean-cut comedy will leave your guests with a lot to talk about – create an event to remember with magical entertainment at its best… and leaving you to relax and enjoy the event as well.

A strolling Magician will add real dynamite to the event!
Here’s a taste of what you will see…

Imagine a handful of plain white papers changing into genuine R100.00 bank notes simply with the flick of the wrist and in the blink of an eye – literally!

Imagine a lady’s finger ring instantly vanishing and just as quickly, materializing amidst the flicker of a flame!

What if I wave my hand over your sleeve and smoke appears amidst the gasp and laughter of your guests?!Then suddenly your personally signed card is found to be stuck to the ceiling!

This and so much more could happen at your next event when Trevor entertains amongst your guests. All are woven into a very comical, entertaining and truly mind-blowing magical experience! 

A few words from our customers:

“Having you there really helped the event to run smoothly.  In between speeches or meal courses, it gave the whole event a much better atmosphere.”“Trevor Duffy is a full time feature in our restaurant and has now become an asset to our business.”
Traders Restaurant “We feel the launch was a great success and much of the success was owed to the way you used magic to present our new name.”  Venn Diagnostics

Whatever type of event you’re organising – a dinner party, family braai, company family day, conference, special anniversary or a birthday celebration – let me help you to make sure it is the success you are hoping for!

A More in-depth look…

For Trevor, performing magic for entertainment is not just about ‘tricks’, but rather it is about connecting with people – touching people’s lives. Trevor dresses impeccably, will custom tailor his performance to suit your special occasion and offer a service based on absolute reliability, integrity and the highest of standards.

The memory that is left behind, is about how special your event was and like seeing an awesome movie, your guests will keep reliving in their minds, the magic that happened right in their own hands and literally under their noses. Every show has different dynamics and in this fast moving world, one never knows what people are going through in their lives. As a corporate magician, Trevor knows just how and when to approach the guests, being sensitive enough to the mood of his audience and finally leaving them with an experience that they will reminisce about for a long time – and actually want more!

Over the past 20 years, Trevor has been engaged to perform at weddings, dinner parties, cocktail parties, corporate functions, product launches and trade shows. He has worked for high ranking companies such as L’Oréal, Liberty Life, Bateman, Old Mutual, Kelloggs, Venture Web, Foskor, Aspen Pharmacare, Kolok and ICL. More and more companies such as these, find the use of a corporate magician to be invaluable to the success of their function. What’s more, they continue to hire him back – see the testimonials