Sophisticated Balloon Modelling

There is a very special appeal to Balloon Modelling.  I make a myriad of different figures, ranging from animals to birds, fish and snakes – see the photos on this page - and this is done on a walk around basis.

Many of the figures created are very sophisticated and leave everyone gazing in amazement!

Balloon modelling is incredibly fascinating.  While your guests are enjoying themselves, I will be walking around having a mountain of balloon fun with them – lots of smiles, gags and chatter while I customise personal pets for them to keep. It's like a jungle and the ladies and children choose what they would like – they love them!

I dress in a very upmarket colourful waistcoat, adding a wonderful atmosphere of fun and wonder.

I can also combine balloon twisting with Rocky the Raccoon. His funny antics will have the crowds ooo-ing with wonder! By request, I can also add a variety of amazing pocket tricks which will also add a special sparkle to your function.

A few words from one of our customers:

We recently had Trevor at our family day.  He mingled with the guests after the show, making them numerous balloon figures.  I kid you not – he could make almost any animal the kids asked for. What a talent!

Balloon modelling is known by a number of different names, such as balloon shaping, balloon twisting and balloon moulding. They all pertain to the same thing: the shaping of special long thin balloons into a myriad of different shapes. We use only the best quality balloons, which are far superior to the ones bought in general toy stores.