Smoke Pro

Smoke Pro has evolved and been developed over 25 years of use.  It is truly a professional workers smoke device, designed in such a way that problems seldom arise, giving you peace of mind for your next show.  Charge up your e-cigarette and the unique Smoke Pro device will do the work for you!

The use of smoke is dramatic, enhances your magic and adds value to your performance!


  • Fits under upper arm, unnoticed by the audience
  • Incredible squeeze bulb memory for immediate repeats of smoke
  • Soft and comfortable squeeze
  • No switches, wires or electronics in the device itself = less to go wrong!
  • Mechanically operated – giving YOU full control of the amount of smoke required
  • Absolutely SILENT operation
  • E-Cigarette used for the supply of smoke
  • Trim off extra tube length to suit your body size
  • Comfortable to wear for long gigs
  • Easy, safe and uncomplicated to use
  • No chest strap
  • Wear under a jacket or a long sleeve shirt
Smoke Pro by Trevor Duffy

What You Get

  • Complete Smoke Pro system ready to go
  • Re-chargeable e-cigarette kit
  • 6 refill cartridges = 1000+ full puffs of smoke!
  • Adjustable and very comfortable arm strap integrated with squeeze pouch
  • Adjustable wrist strap in black (White ones available to order)
  • DVD and booklet with full instructions
  • Extra length arm pipe to trim off according to arm and body size

Price: US$160.00 including worldwide shipping

To order: Email