Magician for Corporate Magic Shows

Trevor Duffy: Professional Magician for your Special Event or Promotion

Magic, Comedy, Professional showmanship. When it comes to spectacular corporate and formal events, Trevor Duffy adds a magical touch to entertain and captivate audiences. If you are planning a fabulous event, trade show or even launching a new product and you need to dazzle your guests, while leaving them with a memorable experience they will never forget, Trevor Duffy will do this for you.   You can relax and enjoy the party as Trevor takes care of the sound for voice and music, AND even a platform for the show.

Why is everyone choosing Trevor Duffy?

  • A magic show with a professional and world-class travelling magician
  • Events that are customised to your particular event and platform
  • A full evening package that includes a strolling close-up Magician and/or a platform show
  • Voice, sound and platform to generate more audience for your marketing promotion events - maximise returns for your exhibitions
  • Magic illusionist with reliability, integrity and the highest of standards.
  • Performed successful events for high ranking companies - L’Oréal, Liberty Life, Bateman, Old Mutual, Kelloggs, Venture Web, Foskor, Aspen Pharmacare, Kolok and ICL.

Bookings for Trevor Duffy


Upgrade your corporate event and leave guests talking for days!

Trevor Duffy performs at high-corporate functions to both entertain and promote marketing for companies and products. If you are promoting a product, Trevor can create a  routine where your product, company name or theme of the day is tactfully brought into focus. 

If you’re a part of a trade show and need to keep audience attention, Trevor creates routines to draw guests in and ends with a message about your company or product. 

Even the most glamorous weddings can benefit from Trevor’s magician events. He adds the sparkle to match your particular taste and audience - leaving your guests talking about your wedding for years to come!

Each unique performance is tailored to particularly suit the event, audience and products involved. Trevor Duffy leaves guests in awe as he performs breathtaking magical illusions.

Magician Show Packages are available for:

  • Dinner Functions
  • Celebrations
  • Weddings
  • Exhibitions & Trade Shows
  • Product Launches and Promotions
  • Theme Parties
  • Platform Shows and Close-Up Magic
  • Professional Balloon Modelling

Are you ready to introduce a professional magician to your event that will impress all of your guests and keep them talking about you, your product or company? Then please request a call from Trevor Duffy and we will be in touch!

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